Hi, it's me...
Hi, it's me...
My name is Harry Hummels. I live in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with my spouse, Riny. We have two twin daughters – Hazel Hester and Merel Marlies. I have been fortunate to study philosophy, ethics, and public administration – followed by a PhD on the philosophy of work.

In 1996 I became an associate professor in business ethics at Nyenrode University and by the end of 1999 a full professor in Organisational Ethics. Also in 1999, my dear friend Theo Brouwers and I started ING Bank Sustainable Investing – the first mainstream bank in The Netherlands offering sustainable investment services to its clients.

In 2006 two major changes took place. First, Theo and I were asked to join the board of SNS Asset Management (now ACTIAM) and second, I accepted a position at MaastrichtUniversity as full professor of Ethics, Organisations and Society.

During the nine years that followed in the finance sector, Theo and I focused on impact investing. In addition, in 2015 I became a European Liaison for the Global Impact Investing Network and joined the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) to help develop its S3I impact investing activities.

Also, I took on a position for 5 years as professor of Social Entrepreneurship at Utrecht University’s School of Economics in 2016. More recently, my attention shifted back to focusing on ethics and organisations and on agape: the commitment to the wellbeing and flourishing of others.
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